Natalie Tennant: Obama’s candidate

Tennant: Obama’s candidate

The Obamas have officially endorsed Natalie Tennant. On Nov. 18, Tennant went to a fundraiser in New York for Democratic female Senate candidates and Michelle Obama addressed the group. She begged donors to give generously to Democratic candidates, including Natalie Tennant.

At the event, the First Lady spoke about how important it will be to elect Democrats to the U.S. Senate in 2014. Specifically, she wants the Senate to retain a Democratic majority so that her husband’s policies are not obstructed. First, she endorsed gun control legislation. “And let’s not forget about that common-sense gun legislation that so many of us feel so strongly about,” Michelle said. “Sadly, as you know, that bill failed.”

She proceeded to praise the Affordable Care Act (even though less than 200 West Virginians signed up and over 8,000 lost coverage). Mrs. Obama said it is “critical” that we elect Natalie Tennant because “we all know that it’s not enough to elect Barack Obama president if we don’t give him a Congress that will help him keep moving this country forward.”

Straight from the mouth of his own wife: Natalie Tennant is Barack Obama’s candidate of choice. Gun control and Obamacare – two things West Virginians love, right?

Wrong. This is what we will get if we elect Natalie Tennant to represent us. Tennant can say what she pleases when she is in the Mountain State, but her campaign is being funded by radical, liberal D.C., people. Do not let her propaganda fool you. Do not “give” President Obama the Congress that he wants by electing Tennant. She does not and will not ever represent the values of West Virginians, and we deserve better as our next U.S. Senator.

And, remember, Natalie’s first vote would be for Harry Reid for Senate Majority Leader. Hopefully, that won’t happen again. How much more can West Virginians take from these liberal leaders determined to continue their “War on Coal”, gun regulations, and destruction of health care as we know it?

As a Marion County native and lifetime First District resident, I can appreciate the phrase “Coal is West Virginia.” How much more of these liberal politicians can we take sending to Washington bent on destroying our jobs and way of life?

Lewis Rexroad