Lies need to be challenged

The letter to The News and Sentinel on Nov 17 titled, “Wake up or we’re all doomed” was a real dandy. Six paragraphs of incoherent gibberish. That letter could best be described as a string of lies with a few falsehoods added for decoration. Where do you start? How do you reply to a narrative like that when you know the writer isn’t interested in truth? He’s just playing the latest political game called “Trash Obama.” The rules for this game were written by conservatives for conservatives. There are only two rules. Rule No. 1, Truth is Irrelevant. Rule No. 2, see Rule No. 1. So I thought I’d try to answer this guy with some truth.

In paragraph two of his letter the writer went straight to the point. He wrote, “Millions of Americans are being robbed of the doctors, health plans and jobs they used to have.” Wow! “Millions” already! The Affordable Care Act doesn’t take effect until next year so these “robberies” haven’t happened yet, right? So how do we label these crimes? Maybe we call them non-events waiting to happen. Let’s get specific! “Doctors being stolen?” Wow! Where were the doctors taken? “Job losses?” Nonsense! I’ve heard of no job losses caused by Obama. In fact, if you look at statistics published by the U.S. Labor Department they show a continuing upward trend in job creation for the past four years. And, “health plans lost?” The only plans lost so far are those unilaterally cancelled by the health insurance industry and that wasn’t Obama’s doing.

That writer also tossed in some Biblical scripture. Does he think that legitimizes his letter making it relevant and truthful? It doesn’t! Then he trashed the Koran as a Holy book saying it teaches lying. I’ve never read the Koran but I’d bet it doesn’t say that. Has that writer actually read the Koran? Does he have a copy of the Koran? Can he quote chapter and verse from the Koran? If so, where do we find the paragraphs that advocate lying?

I got this far and realized I was wasting my time. This guy isn’t interested in truth. It’s easier for him to repeat the lies he hears every time he tunes into Fox, Limbaugh and Beck. And it doesn’t require any creativity on his part. Nothing new! Nothing factual! Just regurgitated lies! But music to the ears of most conservatives.

Ralph Chambers