Kids have it good with Reeves

On many occasions I scan the letters to the editor section of The News and Sentinel, but I hardly ever think of responding to the many letters submitted by those who have no clue what they are talking about, or those who use this as a forum to say hurtful things about good people … but I must speak up this time.

My father taught me growing up to be respectful to and of others and instilled the following in me “If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then just don’t say anything at all.” Obviously, not all people live by this code, and many people want to say negative or hurtful things without knowing the person of whom they speak or nothing of what they are speaking.

Let me say that I know Don Reeves well. He genuinely cares about each and every player he coaches or has ever coached, he treats his players fairly and with respect, and, most of all, he grooms them to succeed in “life after football.” I can say that he works tirelessly to prepare his teams to be the best they can be, to always win, but to lose with grace and respect. I also know him well enough to tell you that he will be the first to say that he is not happy with the way things are currently going and will even shoulder much of the blame for not being where he wants his team(s) to be. However, he does not deserve to be attacked personally under any circumstances, particularly by those who most likely know little or nothing about coaching at any level or about Don Reeves personally.

Maybe those of you who are calling for his resignation and want to attack his character in the letters column and Facebook should consider the damage you are doing to Big Red football, a program that you supposedly love so dearly. If you are going to tear down a good man like Don Reeves, you should at least know the man you are speaking about, not merely base your judgment and demands on negative speculation, opinion, or bias.

I know of whom I speak and what I have said in this letter because my son played for and coached with Don Reeves. I know, too, that life to the vast majority of these kids is about much more than football or winning games and believe me, their lives are in good hands with Don Reeves.

Ken Cunningham