Practice what you preach

In the recent editorial titled “hit the books,” this paper implied that a lack of emphasis on math and science is handicapping area youth in the current and future job markets. This is a statement that I agree with 100 percent; however, I feel some of the recent commentary in this paper could use a dose of math and science itself.

A recent example of this, was the column titled “There’s A Gun To Our Heads.” The columnist states the current national debt amounts to about $55,000 per person, but because 46 percent of the population does not pay income taxes, that really equates to $100,000 per taxpayer and $400,000 per family of four. It is very hard to imagine any mathematician or economist would not find the math behind this statement highly erroneous. For starters, it does not take into account the large population of nonworking spouses and children who fall into the category of both “non-taxpayer” and “family of four.”

Another example is a recent letter to the editor published by this paper titled “The Dangers of the Flu Vaccine.” In this letter, the writer suggested (among other things) that getting your spine adjusted by a chiropractor may prove more effective in preventing the transmission of viruses such as influenza than vaccination. If there are any scientific studies or physicians that agree with this theory, I for one would certainly love to hear about it.

Bottom line, if this paper is truly committed to promoting math and science in the Mid-Ohio Valley, I think an excellent start would be for the paper to start reaching out to the academic and scientific communities for its commentary on topics that concern math or science.

Brian Mercer

Chicago, Ill.