Quality wins lacking for Ohio State

I am no fan of Ohio State and after Urban Meyer’s rant this week, calling the BCS flawed it got me thinking and wanting to voice my opinion on the issue.

Meyer has stated that the Buckeyes, riding a 22-game win streak, are the best team in the nation and deserve to play for a National Championship. Clearly Meyer and I are not watching the same Buckeye team or he is not paying attention to any team outside of his.

As a coach, I understand you are biased toward your team, but you are also expected to be objective when measuring your team against the top teams in the country (clearly he isn’t).

The 22-game win streak doesn’t mean anything in 2013. It is a shame Ohio State went undefeated last season but unfortunately the school and team were being punished for violating NCAA rules. It doesn’t matter if the violations occurred under a different coach, undefeated in 2012 stays in 2012.

When looking at the two teams ahead of OSU and the one behind them, Alabama, Florida State and Baylor it is laughable to even begin to compare Ohio State’s “quality” wins to those three teams.

So far, the Buckeyes have “quality” wins over then- No. 16 Northwestern and No. 23 Wisconsin. They could pick up a third if they face No. 13 Michigan State in the conference title game and while a win against the Spartans would impress, the Tide, ‘Noles and Bears are playing football this year, too.

Let us begin in Waco where the undefeated Baylor Bears, could jump OSU with a win over No. 10 Oklahoma State Saturday. Baylor easily bests the Buckeyes in “quality” wins destroying then-No. 10 Oklahoma and could add another win over a top 10 team in the Cowboys.

When stacked up against the Buckeyes’ best win, a 40-30 victory at No. 16 Northwestern, no question the Bears have the edge.

While Baylor boasts one win over a top 10 team, the Florida State Seminoles boast two. FSU whacked then- No. 3 Clemson in Death Valley and No. 7 Miami in Tallahassee.

So in the case of OSU or FSU, it appears FSU has the advantage, barring a loss.

Saving the No. 1 Crimson Tide for last, they boast impressive wins over then-No. 6 Texas A&M and No. 13 LSU. Alabama definitely has the toughest road left having stops at No. 6 Auburn and the SEC Championship game against most likely No. 8 Missouri. Boasting four wins over top 15 teams would make the champs a lock and even one stumble may not be enough for OSU.

From what I have seen there doesn’t appear to be much wrong with the BCS system, the two best teams are at the top and will play for the title come January.

Of course, as my colleague Steve Hemmelgarn reminded me, there are still three weeks of the season left but I would rather get my opinion out now because as they say hindsight is 20-20 and it is easy to look smart after the fact.

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