Vote yes on Wood County school levy

My husband and I are both products of Wood County Schools, and are both college graduates and are gainfully employed. We are parents of three sons who attended Wood County Schools and went on to graduate with honors at 4 year universities. I am also a proud teacher of third grade at Criss Elementary. I can tell you as a student, a parent, and an employee of Wood County Schools that although we have our challenges we continue to be an excellent school system that prepares our students to be successful in college and the job market.

The good people of Wood County have supported the excess levy since World War II. It is important to note this is not a new tax. It cannot be overstated how important this levy is to our community. If the levy is not renewed, reading resource teachers and school nurses will lose their jobs. In addition to denying our students these vital services, it will increase our local unemployment rate and take away from our tax base. Nonrenewal of the levy, would mean an approximately 16 percent pay decrease for teachers, who are tax payers and consumers of local goods and services. Funding will be cut for needed maintenance for our facilities and programs for our students. Sports would likely, become “pay to play.” Field trips and extracurricular activities could become a thing of the past. In short, it would be a disaster for our children and our community. We only need to look across the river to see the devastating effect the lack of levy funds can have on a school system.

So I am imploring you to please vote yes on the Wood County Schools continuing levy on Saturday!

Julie Davis