When no one was watching

I am the mother of a Parkersburg High football senior. Donald Powell should not presume my son was embarrassed “across the state of West Virginia.” He wore his uniform with pride every time he walked onto a field “across the state of West Virginia.” Win or lose, he was proud to represent his team and school. Donald Powell should not presume to know what my son’s last memory is of Stadium Field on senior night. He was playing his last game on a field he loves with his teammates and coaches he loves. His memories are good ones.

Now, to Big Red fans. Wins and losses are not the whole picture. The fans were watching good games and bad. Life has good and bad. The 4-6 season the fans were watching is not what you wanted. However, a quote by John Wooden comes to mind. “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

This team was struggling at times on the field when everyone was watching, but what were these young men doing off the field? They were facing adversities throughout the season, such as the prospect of not having a season at Stadium Field. They helped raise funds to save their stadium. They did not get to play their home opener at home, but they played where they had to and played well. These young men were also going to class. They were earning good grades that kept them eligible to play all season. These young men were not getting into trouble in school or out. This team represented their school well on and off the field. They were doing community service work. These young men were always courteous and helpful the many times booster members and I interacted with them. These young men developed close friendships through team bonding.

These are young men of good character, helped along the way by each other and their coaches. These young men will soon be going out into the world not having to make a first down to be successful, but to possess good character.

A lot of good came out of this season. When no one was watching.

Kathy Foster