Shoe Box Ministry collections held

Bring your items for the Shoe Box Ministry today.

Fill a pew Sunday will be held Sun. Dec. 1. Bring someone with you to church, will be a carry-on dinner at noon.

Pennsville community extends sympathy to the family of Chad F. Locke.

Nicole Hall, Joyce Windland, Becky Martin and Rita Martin attended the United Methodist Conference at the Grove City United Methodist Church on Nov. 9.

Rob Sidwell was the speaker at Tridelphia Church of Christ on Sunday.

Nancy Jane Campbell of Ohio University visited her grandmother, Mary Yerian on Wednesday.

Mae Milhoan received word that niece Heather Yerian went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. Shelley Mason of Lubock, Texas, called her mother every night this pase week to be the weather conditions. She has said that the weather was dry and they’regetting along okay.

On Friday night Bev and Rob Sidwell went to the home of Lu Bowman for a belated birthday for Rob, Hammon and Carolyn Thomas also was guests at the party. The refreshments were delicious and they played some games. A wonderful time was had by everyone.

On Sunday Bev Sidwell brought her mother food and supplies in case of a weather change.