This can not be acceptable for WVU

Are we happy now Mountaineer fans?

Now guaranteed of having the program’s first losing season since Rich Rodriguez took over the team in 2001, thanks to Saturday’s 31-19 loss at Kansas, West Virginia has nothing left to play for and a useless bye week to think about how far the ‘Eers have sunk since its 13-9 loss to Pittsburgh at the end of the 2007 regular season.

Following last spring’s annual Gold/Blue Scrimmage both head coach Dana Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson were asked if the extraordinary offensive numbers posted by last year’s talent-ladened unit came from the players or was the result of a system both had utilized at previous coaching stops during their careers.

If the inept play of this year’s unit is an example, then the answer is clear-it is the athlete. And, there doesn’t appear to be any hope for the 2014 season as quarterbacks Paul Millard, Ford Childress and Clint Trickett may all be back, but none of them have the talent of a Geno Smith and the receiving corps doesn’t have a Tavon Austin, or Stedman Bailey, or even a J.D. Woods in the wings looking for an opportunity to become the Mountaineers’ next star pass catcher.

And, the blame just doesn’t end there.

Every single member of this year’s team, including the coaches, as well as present Director of Athletics Oliver Luck and his predecessor Eddie Pastilong need to absorb their fair share.

Pastilong’s ego was primarily responsible for Rodriguez leaving for not-go-greener pastures in Michigan and now Arizona while Luck’s displeasure of the Mountaineers’ offensive attack led him to bring Holgorsen into Morgantown to eventually replace a head coach that had posted a 27-9 mark during his three seasons as the head of the program

Now, fans find themselves having to pay higher prices to watch a far inferior product in a conference where we have replaced the Jayhawks as its cellar dwellers.

Don’t kid yourself. There is no silver lining hidden by this dark cloud. And, if you are expecting next year’s team to have turnaround season, stop kidding yourselves.

This team is void of the kind of talent Rodridguez and his staff brought to Morgantown and it doesn’t appear that there will be much coming in the Class of 2014.

Can the Mountaineers improve? Probably.

Will they improve enough to be competitive in the Big 12 or against opening week opponent Alabama? Not likely.

The entire situation should be as unacceptable to Mountaineer fans as having the president of a board of education not show up repeatedly for meetings should be for local voters.

And, if changes aren’t made immediately then good ‘luck’ selling those overpriced season tickets. Not even beer sales will be enough to bring fans to Mountaineer Field to watch a product that is consistently ill-prepared, and unmotivated and regularly out-coached.

Well, at least we have Marshall.

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