Storyteller entertains Worthington students

PARKERSBURG – Storyteller Bil Lepp captivated Worthington Elementary School students regaling them with tall tales, involving the blob, cow lungs and a teacher who may have been Wonder Woman and parked her invisible jet in the school parking lot in Half-Dollar, W.Va.

“Was that really true?” asked one little girl after Lepp finished his story.

Lepp is an American storyteller and a five-time winner of the West Virginia State Liars’ Contest. He’s has been spinning yarns for more than two decades, doing it full-time for the last 10 years. The Charleston man has been all over the country speaking at fairs, festivals, conventions and schools. Lepp said he speaks at about a 100 schools a year. Lepp also recently penned a children’s book, “The King of Little Things.”

Friday, he spent the day at Worthington Elementary.

Worthington Elementary School Principal Tom Wheeler heard Lepp speak a few years ago at a school in Little Hocking and wanted him to come to Worthington.

Lepp spent about 45-30 minutes with classes Friday morning articulating his story about the efforts to unmask their teacher elementary school teacher as Wonder Woman. Following Lepp’s morning session with students he conducted a writer’s workshops; telling another tall tale and then going over basic writing techniques.

“I’ll show them how to come up with jokes, puns and ideas for a story,” he said.

Lepp’s performance was made possible by the school’s Partner in Education, Woodcraft, Wheeler said.

Wheeler said Lepp is a good tool for students to use to learn about story-telling, writing and the creative process.

“It’s good to have someone coming in to teach them about the writing process, developing story characters and taking events that are partially true and making them more entertaining. And, of course, the sheer entertainment value,” he said. “The kids love it.”