Don Reeves should resign

In my opinion Don Reeves, did everything he could over the past 20 years to get the head coaching job at Parkersburg High School. Once he did, he let his ego get in the way of what’s best for the program.

A person who truly cares about the school the players and the pride wouldn’t have done the things over the years to undermine the many assistant and head coaches at PHS. He was so hell-bent on being the head coach he never learned how to be a head coach and now can’t, or won’t, admit he doesn’t know how to do the job.

I also believe he owes each one of the seniors on this year’s team (especially those who quit because of him) a handwritten personal apology for embarrassing them across the state of West Virginia. He needs to think about the last memory these seniors will have of Stadium Field – 300 fans on Senior Night is disgusting and embarrasing on so many levels.

Shame on him for putting himself above the kids, the program and the school. If he really does care about this school then one minute after the last game he will hand Lori Lower his resignation.

Donald E. Powell