Vote no on continuing levy

The August 2012 Wood County Westest 2 results, show grades three through 11 proficiency in language arts and math ranged from 35.5 percent to 54.4 percent.

Are 36 percent and 54 percent no longer failing?

Wood County Schools spent $128.6 million in state and local taxpayers’ money plus $16.1 million in federal taxpayers’ money and sent children into their senior year of high school with less than 45 percent proficiency in Math and Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening and visual literacy).

The $16.1 million in federal money does not appear in the annual school budget report and goes unreported to the public.

Most federal money is used for projects and programs that disrupt teacher classrooms and require an enormous amount of paperwork and staff, thus compounding educational problems.

Local media appear uninterested in ferreting out facts about spending, facts about performance and facts about the latest disaster to our public education – “Common Core.”

Adequate Yearly Progress was used to rate schools during the No Child Left Behind fiasco. Now we move into Common Core, a system with zero evidence or data suggesting it will meet with any success in educating children. Anyone suggesting CC is not a federal takeover of education is naive and ill-informed.

Taking federal money and their rules and regulations, is to make a pact with the devil. It allows them to sink their tyrannical claws deeper into education or any other endeavor that Washington’s politicians yearn to control. From the time we make this pact, their control is overwhelming.

We spend too much time marching to the beat of federal liberalism and have little time left for teachers to do their jobs; teaching children. Get back to teaching and tell Washington to secure the border and mind the Constitution.

These are your children – do you believe we need more money to encourage failure, or do we need to fight to change the system? Doing the same thing over and over merely results in the same failures. The facts are well known – the more we’ve spent on education, the worse the outcome. Let’s try spending and teaching wisely for a change.

Fraud in the inducement, I believe, is the proper legal term for what education is doing to our young people. Vote no on the continuing levy and future bond levies until we have accountability from the board and administration. Parents, voters and children deserve nothing less.

Jim Mullen