Vienna mayor’s big plans

Read the article on the proposed “new” Community Center. In the survey sent out it is being touted as an “expansion and renovation.” This is an intentional misstatement by the city to hide a tremendously expensive new building project. The survey should have honestly pointed out as in the article to be a “new” building. The speed with which this is being pushed indicates that there is little time for the taxpayers of Vienna to realize or voice the cost or need for this expense.

And where is the question on whether the people even want this? Again the right of the voters to approve or not has been taken away!

Do we really need something of this nature? Maybe, but at what cost? The mayor is always touting all the good jobs being created here; but in actuality they are mostly fast food type businesses. One can always note the empty store fronts where other types have left the city. And now Rapp is going after the fitness and daycare businesses in the area by including them in this new project.

Who does he plan to have man these choices? More very highly paid and expensive city employees? Or part time and minimum wage types who would still have to find other work to pay to survive in this area? The city hires someone at what is $20,000 base and immediately one has another $35K/year in total compensation as a minimum. And that is for a single person; married add about another $14K+/ year in total compensation costs.

He is also talking about having a location for concerts and other large gatherings. What will this cost us? The citizens had best be very nervous of what the city council and its egos’ have in store for this fine city. The tax and spend mentality without a single nickel of tax relief has become ridiculous.

And note I say nickel; the leftover nickel on the latest recycle contract was not being kept for any reason per Mr. Black at the city council meeting when the new contract was approved. Check your water bills neighbors and see if a reduction if only 5 cents. T’ain’t there folks; they even grabbed that.

Think carefully on these project folks; think very carefully.

Lawrence Wilson