Short-term debt solution

I hope Congress realizes what might happen should the January vote on the debt limit increase fail. I can envision grave consequences, because I am gun shy from arriving to work in Newark, N.J., shortly after the 1967 riots and being in Detroit in 1977, 10 years after its riots. Both cities were destroyed, never to be the same.

All large cities have millions living in public assistance, high-rise buildings, called “projects,” depending upon housing, food, heat and medical care for their existence. I had cause to enter some of Newark’s projects, which were hell-holes with rampant crime, littered halls, broken elevators, leaking pipes and residents afraid to leave their rooms.

I dare say thousands of the projects are in similar condition. Sadly, our country’s dismal state of affairs is adding thousands daily to the doles. Congress needs resources in the worst way to care for 40 million-50 million persons. So, a thought. We owe China billions, therefore, why not sell them one of our Pacific islands for them to write off our debt to them. Of course, if that occurred, it would be just a stop-gap measure.

John Bryan