Vote for the school levy

I am writing this letter to ask the voters of Wood County to support the continuing levy. I have reaped the benefits of this levy as both a teacher and a parent.

As a teacher, I saw how my students benefitted from the levy. My classrooms were adequately supplied with the materials my students needed in order to learn. The continuing levy funds over $600,000 needed for supplies and technology in classrooms. The struggling readers were daily able to work with a highly qualified reading resource teacher. As a result, those students saw gains in their reading abilities and overall academic achievement. The continuing levy adds $925,000 beyond the state school aid formula to fund the salaries of the invaluable reading resource teachers.

Teacher pay in West Virginia is one of the lowest in the nation. The continuing levy enables Wood County to help balance that disparity and add some extra pay to ease the financial burden the teachers shoulder in this state.

As a parent, I saw how my own children benefitted from the continuing levy. From the time they were small until they graduated, the public library was an important place for them. The continuing levy supplies over $445,000 in funding to the libraries in Wood County. My children loved the science and social studies fairs in elementary school. Projects were a family affair with all of us learning. The continuing levy supplies funding to pay the dedicated teachers who coordinate the academic fairs.

Our schools and our families benefit from the continuing levy. Please vote for the levy on Nov. 23.

Lisa Moser