‘It matters not a whit’

Finally the Obama haters have a legitimate complaint. It appears they have found something that he is actually worse at than Bush. Never again will they have to take the half-truths and distortions they hear on Fox News and further fabricate them into bizarre charges. His comments “if you like your current insurance you may keep it” and “if you can’t sign up on line, you can by phone,” in reference to the ACA roll-out, are not totally accurate. He has come across as inept, ill-informed and unprofessional.

The harm done? As my grandmother used to say “it matters not a whit” (whatever a whit is). Computer glitches do not equate to health care enhancements. A year from now all will be forgotten. I will repeat a question I’ve asked before. The president took Medicare (generally well liked), added RomneyCare (a proven plan) and turned it over to private enterprise. What did he do wrong? Most (94 percent) of the population has either insurance provided by their employer, or have their own decent plan. About 6 percent have, at best, marginal plans which fall short of decent coverage as established by reasonable government standards. This 6 percent will not be allowed to keep their current plan. This means the president’s claim was only 94 percent accurate. Granted, it should have been better, but I remember a recent president who was 100 percent wrong on WMDs and it cost the lives of over 100, 000 innocents. Obama’s shortcomings pale in comparison.

According to the current governor of Massachusetts, it took the state two years to get all the computer glitches worked out, and 84 percent of the residents are pleased with the coverage. The success of the program will hinge on the enrollment of the younger generation. This is no different than the way auto insurance works. It takes a lot of safe drivers (the young and healthy) to cover the not-so-safe drivers (illness prone seniors).

The right-wing complains about the cost. How can they possibly know since it hasn’t even been implemented? When it comes to the deficit – a very legitimate concern – their rhetoric is quite empty because they refuse to put all the cards on the table. It’s “stick it to the middle class” while protecting the very rich. When they are willing to discuss corporate welfare, a hugely bloated Defense budget, stashing cash off-shore and other issues, then their deficit concern deserves attention.

Don C. Lowe