A range of books to enjoy during fall

USA Today bestselling author Mary Burton tells the story of a psychologist who is called to hear a serial killer’s dying confession in “No Escape.”

Jolene Granger doesn’t want to be brought into the case of Harvey Day Smith, who buried women alive. He claims there are more bodies out there, but will only tell Jolene, who wrote a paper about him in college, the barest of threads that bring them together. Or is it?

Jolene’s ex-huband, Brody Winchester, was the man who brought Harvey to justice and is still on the case. As they are forced to work together, they are forced to confront their pasts and their still lingering feelings for each other. But Harvey has shaken Jolene to her core – not only does he claim to have a protege still out there, doing his work, but he claims to have a link to Jolene as well. As Jolene faces unbearable truths about her past, she must help Brody track down Harvey’s protege, before she is targeted next!

Burton always writes great, edgy suspense, and this book is no different. Pages will fly by as the danger around Jolene and Brody increase!

“No Escape” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and is 364 pages long.

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J. Kathleen Cheney brings historical fantasy in “The Golden City.”

Oriana is a sereia in hiding – working as a lady’s maid and secretly following the politics of the social elite of the Golden City. If found out, she could be banned or killed. But her cover is blown and her life may now be in danger when her employer goes to elope with her fiancee and is instead abducted and left to die. Oriana escapes barely, but now wants to find who murdered her friend. Her paths cross with Duilio, a gentleman working with the police. A gentleman with secrets of his own – that coincide with Oriana’s. As the two must work together now to solve the case and possibly save Oriana’s people.

A lush world of fantasy is unveiled in this captivating story.

“The Golden City” is published by Roc. It is $15 and 352 pages long.

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A woman sets out to leave her bigger city life to live a quieter one in a rural Roane County in “Chickens in the Road” by Suzanne McMinn.

McMinn, a romance writer, decided to live a self-sustainable life on a farm in Walton, W.Va. Her kids weren’t too happy with the idea and her boyfriend at first seems on board with the idea. Just like he seems to be the perfect guy for her. But as they dig into raising chickens, making cheese, herding goats and more, the cracks in their relationship begin to show. Will McMinn end the story with her relationships intact? What will she learn about herself by the end of the journey? Since Roane County is close to home, this is an especially interesting look at life on a farm, and how it changes one woman.

“Chickens on the Road” is published by HarperOne. It is $28.99 and 298 pages long.

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