The dangers of the flu vaccine

Did you know that during the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine’s effectiveness was found to be just 56 percent across all age groups reviewed by the CDC – the statistical equivalent of a coin toss. In seniors, aged 65 and over, the flu vaccines were only 9 percent effective.

The ‘gold standard’ of independent scientific evaluation and analysis, the Cochrane Database Review, has issued no less than five reports between 2006 and 2010, all of which decimate the myth that flu vaccinations are “the most effective flu prevention method” available.

In average conditions, when a flu vaccine at least partially matches the circulating virus, 100 people need to be vaccinated in order to avoid just ONE set of influenza symptoms, according to Cochrane’s findings.

Yet as another flu season approaches, these facts are ignored by conventional medicine and media alike, and you’ll certainly never see them mentioned in any flu vaccine promotion campaign.

Unfortunately, in addition to the fact they may not be nearly as effective as advertised, flu vaccines can, and do, cause harm. Have you heard of Guillian-Barre Syndrome? This is why it’s important to make well-informed decisions about all vaccinations, including “routine” ones.

While death and complete disability from a flu vaccine may be rare, so is dying from the flu itself. I strongly recommend weighing the risk of suffering a debilitating side effect of the flu vaccine relative to the more likely potential of spending a week in bed with the flu.

Most deaths attributed to influenza are actually due to bacterial pneumonia, and these days, bacterial pneumonia can be effectively treated with advanced medical care and therapies like respirators and parenteral antibiotics.

Also, it is important to remember that only about 20 percent of all influenza-like illness that occurs every year is actually associated with influenza viruses because many types of respiratory illnesses with flu-like symptoms can be mistaken for influenza. About 80 percent of cases of suspected influenza sent to the CDC for analysis lab test negative for type A or type B influenza.

Wake up people. You cannot inject health. Health comes from the inside out. When you get a virus naturally and ingest it through your nose and mouth, your body begins to create a longterm immunity against that virus. When you inject a vaccine directly into your immune system you create a shortterm immune response! How about taking care of yourself by eating right (no processed foods), get adjusted by your chiropractor and getting enough exercise and rest.

John Urban III, D.C.