Charm in new books

Several new women’s fiction books offer romance and charming stories!

In “Beyond These Hills” by Sandra Robbins, a young woman and her family must face the possibility of moving far from the only home they’ve ever known.

It’s 1934, and Laurel Jackson and her family have been told their home in Cades Cove will become part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The few remaining families, including Laurel’s don’t want to leave and are resisting the government for as long as they can. Andrew Brady, the son of a congressman, has been sent to Cades Cove to try to convince the families to settle without a fight.

He meets Laurel by chance and is captivated by her, but knows that she will see him as the enemy. Laurel’s family is the only ones that are nice and willing to listen, but will Laurel listen to his decrees of love? This story ends the trilogy, following first Laurel’s grandparents and then her parents and their life in Cades Cove.

People who have traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains area will enjoy this historical fiction that shows how the area grew and developed and a (fictional) look into the lives of people that used to live there.

“Beyond These Hills” is published by Harvest House Publishers. It is $13.99 and 313 pages long.

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Rosalind Lauer tells the story of an Amish teen whose path crosses with a young nurse in the wake of a tragic accident in “A Simple Faith.”

Elsie Lapp is content to manage her family’s country store. Though friends and family are pairing off, Elsie has vowed never to marry, though that seems to go against her Amish heritage. She has a genetic condition that makes her teeth and ears a bit mishapen and makes her small and made her have to have several painful surgeries as a child.

She never wants to put a child through that and doesn’t want to marry – and so far hasn’t had an suitors either.

When on a trip into the city with several other Amish families, the van Elsie is riding in is hit by another car.

Many are injured, and a young nurse named Haley who was in traffic, comes to help. She and Elsie end up bonding through the tragedy, but they aren’t the only ones.

Haley has been noticing the good-looking new psychologist at the hospital, Dylan, who wants to bring help to the Amish families in the community. And Elsie is forced to rely on neighbor Amish man, Reuben, for help at the store after her family experiences tragedy. Working closely together has brought new feelings for both couples, but can either of them overlook their troubled pasts?

A lovely story of two sweet couples, this story will warm your heart and spirit.

“A Simple Faith” is published by Ballentine Books. It is $15 and 370 pages long.

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Three women are brought together by an old teaset in “The Vintage Teacup Club” by Vanessa Greene.

Jenny needs the vintage tea cups for her wedding that she is planning. Alison needs them to make candles to sell. And Maggie needs them for a floral design for a wedding she is planning. The three, who immediately become friends, decide to share them and to collect more to add to their collection – Jenny can use them in her wedding,

Maggie can use them in her design and they can end up with Alison who can make them into candles. But as the friends scour the countryside looking for more cups, their personal lives all are facing challenges.

Jenny’s life takes a hit when her mother who left when she was a child wants to try to come to the wedding and come back into Jenny’s life. Alison is facing struggles with raising her teenage daughters, especially her oldest who is becoming challenging, and facing financial difficulties since her husband lost his job.

She sees a career opportunity, but may not be able to face it. And Maggie is thrown by the challenging landscaper who she is supposed to be working with at the wedding and even more thrown when her ex-husband who left her several years ago shows up again, saying he wants to try their relationship again. Can their friendship help them through these troubling times?

A warm story of women’s friendships, family and romances, this is the perfect story to enjoy with a cup of warm tea – whether or not it is in a vintage cup or in a plain mug.

“The Vintage Teacup Club” is published by Berkley. It is $15 and 385 pages long.

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