Spaghetti benefit set for cancer patient

MINERAL WELLS – An all-you-can-eat benefit spaghetti dinner has been organized for a former local resident on Nov. 10.

Christina Dennewitz said her father David Dennewitz, 45, of Morgantown, was diagnosed with cancer after a colonoscopy in August.

Dennewitz said the benefit is to help him pay for medical costs not covered by insurance. She said the dinner will begin at noon, Nov. 10 at the Mineral Wells Community Building near the Tractor Supply Co. store.

Dennewitz said the tumor found in his colon was the size of an olive and was found to be cancerous, an adenocarcinoma, a gastric cancer. She said an MRI found a similar tumor on a lymph node.

One month before his diagnosis his sister, Brenda Jones, died from bone cancer.

On Sept. 12 he began chemotherapy treatments at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown. She said the chemotherapy treatments are every other week and on the weeks when he does not have treatments he is at the hospital for tests.

Recently she said the results of late have been encouraging.

“Originally the treatments were to end in December,” she said. “In the latest blood tests his tumor count was lower so the treatment may end earlier and the surgery to remove the tumors could be in December. It all depends on the lab work results.”

She said the food will be prepared by family members.

“The food will be made by me, my sisters, two aunts and my best friend,” she said. “We will begin at noon and we plan to go all day, until the last person leaves.”

Dennewitz said her father is employed by Dominos and is the general manager of the location in Waynesburg, Pa. She said he has worked for the company in many different locations, including Parkersburg, Charleston and Clarksburg.

Dennewitz said the event is not s surprise for him. She said it was supposed to take place last week but had to be postponed because she could not make it. However, that turned out to be a good thing.

“When I called to check on the date and reschedule I found out they wrote us down for the wrong date,” she said. “They had us down for Nov. 10, so we went with that date.”

During the dinner there will be an auction, a 50-50 raffle, a yard sale, a bake sale and other fundraising activities. Dennewitz said at this time no other fundraisers are planned.

Dennewitz said support from the community will help.

“He really needs a lot of support,” she said. “He has a long life ahead of him, with his mother Vora Dennewitz, wife Jeannette, daughters, me, Chelsea and Jacklynn, step son Fred Cochran, sister Kim, one grandson and two grandchildren on the way.