Judge Waters is a fair judge

Many of us do not know what a Pro Se is unless your pretty familiar with the court system as myself. A Pro Se is a person representing themselves in court either because you can’t afford an attorney or you don’t trust a court-appointed attorney. In some ways you’re considered an attorney, then, again, you’re not.

Being a Pro Se is one the most aggravating things I have ever done. It’s so frustrating you just want to scream and argue with the other attorney. That is something you do not ever want to do, for the judge will find you in contempt and have the bailiff snatch you bald and throw you out of the courtroom doors.

That is one thing you do not want is to-anger the judge. Because your disrespecting him and disrespecting his second home-the courtroom. Some judges like the Honorable Judge R. Waters will give you a leeway like he did me because he knew how bad I was struggling and having no idea what I was doing.

That is what makes a good judge. Judge Waters sets that standard of what a good judge should be. So any of you get Judge Waters, you will get a fair hearing/trial. It’s all up to whether or not you get a good court-appointed attorney. Being a Pro Se takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Pro Se or not to Pro Se? That’s your decision.

Richard Provost