Real solution to drug problem

It is always fascinating just how many of West Virginia’s elected officials ignore facts in the name of “pursuing progress.” This current battle over our state’s ongoing problems with illegal production of methamphetamines is a powerful example.

Certain lawmakers claim that forcing citizens to visit a doctor’s office and get a prescription for safe and effective cold or allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine, criminals will be unable to get the ingredients they need to make meth. That’s a nice pipe dream, but ignores the reality of prescription drug abuse in West Virginia. This state has the highest rate of prescription drug overdose deaths in the country (28.9 deaths per 100,000 people).

Prescription mandates clearly do not prevent drugs from being abused. For medications containing pseudoephedrine, all a prescription mandate does is place a burden on family budgets and waste the time of doctors sorely needed to treat patients with more than just the sniffles.

Before lawmakers burden our honest West Virginia families with more restrictions, they need to get their facts straight and realize that prescription mandates do not prevent drug abuse. Once they do, they can start finding real solutions to this problem that both preserve freedom and protect our family health.

Rob Cornelius


EDITOR’S NOTE: Rob Cornelius is a member of the West Virginia Federation of Young Republicans.