Deputy Shawn Graham to attend FBI Academy

PARKERSBURG – Chief Law Enforcement Deputy Shawn Graham with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office will be heading to Virginia for the FBI National Academy next year.

Graham said he will be enlisted in the 256th session of the national academy and is proud to be the first deputy from Wood County to represent the state since 1995.

“To be accepted to go that’s a pretty big honor,” Graham said.

The academy is on 547 acres, a Marine Corps base in Quantico, Va., about 40 miles south of Washington, D.C., as well as much of the FBI’s training taking place there.

Not knowing whether he was going to be able to attend due to the government shutdown, Graham said he received confirmation last week the class would be a go.

Graham said his children are excited for the opportunity to visit the academy in Quantico, Va., about 40 miles south of Washington, D.C. He said all of his children are interested in athletics and what their father does for a living.

He will be required to pass a rigorous 6.2-mile Marine Corps. training course as part of the academy, Graham said. He said he will be preparing for the physical aspect of the course beforehand. The class was originally supposed to meet in January but is now going to be set for a to-be-determined date next year, he said. Although Graham welcomes the extra time to prepare.

His wife, Angi, and children Shawn, 17, Gage, 16 and Gracie, 11, are part of the reason he is able to attend.

“I have a very supportive family or I wouldn’t have even considered going,” he said. “It should be a great learning experience that will make me better at my job.”

Nominated by a peer, Graham said he was contacted and told to apply for the academy.

The course of study for both U.S. and international law enforcement officers serves as a place to raise the standards of local law enforcement knowledge and cooperation.

Participants for the course span from every state in the U.S. as well as over 150 international partner nations.

Two people are selected for each class from the state of West Virginia as well as all other states, with one of those being a state trooper with the West Virginia State Police.