Art center comes alive in a dead way for Halloween Masquerave Ball

PARKERSBURG – The Parkersburg Art Center Saturday came alive in a dead sort of way with it first Masquerave, a costume ball for adults.

Abby Hayhurst, director of the Parkersburg Art Center, said the dance and festivities fund the center’s education programs for the next six months and gave adults an outlet for Halloween fun in a costume party.

“All this is the other half fundraiser for our education programs,” she said. “The staff here came up with the idea for this and the decorations.”

Hayhurst credited the event to Jessie Siefert and Marcia Ritchie.

“We wanted to have a party that would bring in people who had not been to other functions,” Siefert said. “We are trying to reach out to more of the community.”

Hayhurst said the idea also grew out of comments that adults were looking for something to do for the season.

“Many of our Art Starts parents told us there was a lot for the kids to do for Halloween, but there wasn’t a lot of grown-up type of things,” she said. “We offer some classes, but there isn’t much of something like this available.”

Siefert saw the band at a festival and was able to get them.

Hayhurst said the band’s sound is a mix of instruments including guitars, violins and accordion.

Other events at the Masquerave included horror films projected on the wall in one area of the center, palm readings by Susan Sheppard, a photo booth and a costume contest by two judges who were roaming the floor in costume, too.