The world is still turning

It was amusing to read Mr. Radcliff’s letter this morning and the analogy he used to make the subject easy to understand. One large problem with his theory though is he completely ignored the major part of the problem while shining a light on a lesser part.

The major part of the problem is our government cannot function within a balanced budget, or hand-to-mouth, as the writer says. Every time the debt ceiling is raised, they spend all of that money then come back to the American people asking for more taxes, more bond sales, more revenue.

Perhaps looking at the amount of revenue coming in and project spending to match said revenues and possibly using some of that money to pay down our debt would make the USA a better place. After all, the sequestration and the government shutdown has not brought the country to its knees, contrary to what the majority of the media has tried to tell us.

Perhaps the government can spend a few billion dollars less, while operating with a reduced federal workforce. The world is still going ’round! Who’d a thunk it!

Richard M. Madison