Women’s fiction has cowboys, Bridget Jones

Revisit Oklahoma cowboys in Cat Johnson’s “Two Times as Hot.”

In the last book, Becca met Tucker on a trip for a job interview and fell madly in love. Now they are getting married, and her sister, Emma, is coming to Oklahoma for their wedding. On her last trip to Oklahoma with Becca, Emma was hoping to rustle up a cowboy of her own. But the cowboy she met was still hung up on his ex. This time, Emma’s determined to find herself a hottie at her sister’s wedding and she does – Tucker’s friend Logan. Logan has the much younger sister of Tucker, Tara, hanging around all the time wanting him to notice her, but he can’t take his eyes of Emma. They finally hook up after the wedding, but she’s going back to New York, and he’s staying in Oklahoma. Is there any chance for a real romance between them? When circumstances bring Emma back, can they rekindle the passion they had that night?

Johnson is a master of bringing sexy cowboys to life in the pages of her stories, and does it again with Logan. There’s plenty of hot romance to burn these pages! “Two Times as Hot” is published by Kensington. It is $9.95 and 304 pages long.

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Want more cowboys? Then check out Melissa Cutler’s “Cowboy Justice.”

The Sorentino sisters faced a lot of backlash from the town of Catcher Creek, especially after trying to turn their parents’ failing ranch into a tourist spot. Rachel has been trying to protect her sisters, and when she sees three vandals spraying threats of violence on their property she fires a warning shot hoping to scare them away. Instead, they begin to shoot at her, and she ends up shooting two of them to defend herself, one of whom happens to be the police chief’s wild-child son. Now Rachel is looking at facing charges herself. Her only ally is Sheriff Vaughn Cooper, whom she once had an affair with and has avoided since. The chemistry between the two is still wild, but neither wants to give in to it. But as the situations surrounding Rachel heats up, how long can they deny their attraction?

With sinster bad guys and sexy sheriffs, this will get readers’ heart rates up!

“Cowboy Justice” is published by Kensington. It is $6.99 and 368 pages long.

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A woman starting over in her hometown with a new restaurant has plenty of ups and downs to overcome in “Southern as a Second Language” by Lisa Patton.

Leelee has returned to Memphis after moving to Vermont with her husband to open an inn. Her husband ended up leaving her for a ski instructor, and after having problems with her own business, Leelee has decided to come home. Her new boyfriend and former chef, Peter, has arrived too to help her open a new restaurant in her hometown and see how their relationship progresses. But once Leelee gets there, turmoil begins. Not only does she have her mother’s former arch-nemesis constantly bothering her, but she’s got the usual headaches of starting a new business. Things are made worse when the woman Leelee was working with sues her over the name of the restaurant, and Leelee’s ex husband shows up back in town, possibly wanting her back and hurting Leelee’s relationship. Will she be able to start a new, successful chapter in her life? Leelee is a smart and sassy everywoman that readers will identify with and want to see succeed!

“Southern as a Second Language” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $24.99 and 297 pages long.

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The beloved Bridget Jones is back after 14 years in Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy.”

Everyone’s favorite British singleton, when we last left her, had finally found happiness with Mark Darcy. But what has happened since? Well, Bridget is trying to navigate the social media world, trying to woo Twitter followers and is trying to tackle single motherhood! Not a spoiler since the book is very up front about it and it’s already been talked about all over the place, but Mark Darcy is dead, and Bridget has spent years grieving and trying to raise their two children. Her friends have decided it’s time for her to get back out there again and at 51, she has met the most unlikely man, a 29-year-old! But can she make it last with her “toy boy?”

Bridget’s story is still achingly relatable and hilarious. It is horribly sad about Mark, but much like Bridget, we readers must continue on! Fans of the first two books (or the movies) will love to see what has become of their heroine. Her fights with technology and dealing with school functions and child care are all very funny and universal.

“Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy” is published by Alfred A. Knopf. It is $26.95.