Kiwanis Club thanks Williamstown

WILLIAMSTOWN -City council was congratulated on Tuesday for the city building Kiwanis-related clubs in a short period of time.

Lois Meadows with the Kiwanis Club of North Parkersburg said the city has built a Kiwanis family.

Along with the Kiwanis Club there are affiliated K Kids at the elementary school, Builders Club for seventh- and eighth-graders and Key Club, each of which has 10 members or more, Meadows said.

“This is a historical moment because it may have been done before, but not here,” she said. “Williamstown is going to become a beacon because there will be a lot of clubs looking to you to see how this family is working together for the community.”

Meadows, a retired third-grade teacher from Emerson Elementary, presented Mayor Jean Ford and Councilwoman Barbara Lewis with charter member pins because they helped get things moving in the right direction for this organization.

Meadows first approached city council during the Aug. 20 meeting to announce the formation of a Kiwanis Club of Williamstown.

In other business:

* Lewis asked council for permission to look into the cost of motion-activated spotlights to place them near vending machines on city property following recent vandalisms and thefts at three locations.

In September, it was discovered seven vending machines in the city four in Tomlinson Park and three at Williamstown High School, the school track and the Williamstown Healthly Lifestyle Swimming Pool had been damaged and money stolen from them.

Lewis said she, Williamstown Police Chief B.D. Adkins and other officers have watched the security camera footage and believe spotlights aimed at those vending machines would have allowed the city’s cameras perfect visuals of the suspects.

“Had we had spotlights in those areas, it would have helped a lot in identifying the people,” she said.

Councilman Marty Seufer said having motion-activated spotlights in those areas could be a deterrent for vandals.

“A light suddenly coming on might scare them into running off,” he said.

* Fire hydrants will be flushed throughout the city in two groups. The first round of flushing will be Oct. 21 through 25 and Oct. 28 through Nov. 1.

* Street sweeping will be performed Nov. 4 through 8 and Nov. 12 through 15.

“We always have the street sweeper come once most of the leaves have fallen,” Ford said. “We remind people that when the sweeper is scheduled on their street to not park on the street that day.”