Judges should work for right

After reading the article in Thursdays paper about the magistrates and Mr. Dempster I am not surprised by the magistrates’ reaction to the Cunningham case.

I have had the unfortunate opportunity to go before Dempster three times. In all three cases the outcome was generally what I had figured it would be, what happens during the proceedings is what concerns me.

Dempster will constantly go “off the record” to vent his opinions of the magistrates’ decisions to allow a case and proceed to state his personal opinion of the people in court before him . I’m sure going “off the record” protects him legally somehow, but that by no means makes it right . I feel when you take the time to go to courts for help you should be treated with the same respect that any judge demands for themselves. You don’t get that with Dempster, what you do get is a bunch of self-opinionated burst directed toward you or the magistrates, “off the record” of course.

We are better than that in this valley and do not need a judge of his demeanor passing judgment and pushing his opinions on the people that go to the courts for help. It’s very unfortunate that some of the magistrates and a judge can’t get on the same page for the better of the communities in this area. At the very least Dempster could learn to understand and try to work toward what is right for the courts and the communities they serve.

Matthew Flowers