Ohio license plates at W.Va. schools?

I’d like to know why there are so many out-of-state license plates on vehicles dropping off kids to school in the mornings? Surely, everyone with these Ohio plates aren’t bringing their children to West Virginia for school?

I am assuming it means that people aren’t paying their personal property taxes and changing their plates to West Virginia? I find it amazing that you will publish and humiliate people that are late on their real estate taxes, but no one seems to care about all the revenue being missed by people breaking the law and not changing their plates.

There is an old van with Ohio plates that has been on my street for years and years, it now has four flat tires and is all but abandoned, but it is still sitting there. I wish someone would enforce laws for everyone and get this eyesore off my street.

I pay my taxes and have West Virginia plates – why shouldn’t this loser?

Heather Stanley