Family features century-old quilts

SPENCER – A Spencer family has put up for sale a cache of handmade quilts, many of which are a century old.

The quilts were hand-stitched and pieced together by Geraldie Moore Good, who made the quilts for money to support the family, said her grandson, Bernard Taylor.

“She made the quilts for income that they needed on the farm,” Taylor said.

Good was born in 1903 and started making quilts when she was a child, Taylor said.

The quilts were kept by his mother, Violet Taylor, who will be 82 in November and was once the longest-running employee of a flower shop in Spencer. Now in a care facility in Spencer, she recently decided to sell the quilts, Taylor said.

“We needed the room,” Taylor said.

While quilts were sold to support the family, Good made many for family as keepsakes and gifts, Taylor said. Quilting was her hobby she started as a child, he said.

“I’d say at least half of these quilts are 100 years old,” said Taylor, the owner of Taylor’s Florists.

The quilts are on sale at Berries and Vines on Church Street in Spencer where owner Jim Mahaney had the quilts and shop readied for the annual Black Walnut Festival.

About 50 quilts were put on display, he said.

“You don’t usually find this many of the old quilts at the same time,” Mahaney said.

Their condition is exceptional for their age, he said. Most of the quilts are 100 years old and all were handmade stitched, Mahaney said.

“I’ve had experts look at them and they were amazed at the condition the quilts were in and the quality,” he said.

None were made on a machine, probably by little old ladies working in a circle, maybe around a potbelly stove, he said.

“And made in the USA,” Mahaney said. “Not Taiwan.”

The quilts were made in numerous patterns, such as the Texas Star, Crazy Quilts and Bow Tie, he said. They sell from $175 to $400, Mahaney said.

“That’s cheap,” he said.