Funny, thrilling new mysteries for fall

Some new, quick-read mysteries will keep you up all night!

First is New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot (Yes, the “Princess Diaries” Meg Cabot) returns to her former pop star-turned-college dorm worker/sleuth Heather Wells in “The Bride Wore Size 12.”

Once a twig pop star, Heather doesn’t mind she’s gained a few pounds after her mom ran away with both her manager and her money.

She’s also gained a new job she loves (despite the high body count) and a hot fiancee, private investigator Cooper Cartwright. Their wedding is only weeks away, and Heather’s mom shows up at the invite of one of the bridesmaids, running from a criminal boyfriend and putting a dark cloud over the Heather’s big day. But that’s not the only storm brewing – there’s a a foreign prince named Rashid (who wants to be called Shiraz) attending New York College and living in the dorm Heather works for – and causing all sorts of problems, including late night parties, students’ complaints about preferential treatment and students wanting to party with him. When one of Heather’s RA’s end up dead from an asthma attack after a party, an uproar goes through the college. All the RAs are fired for attending the party, Rashid and his bodyguards are being investigated closer and Heather’s got more problems on her hands, especially when the death is looking less like an asthma attack and more like a murder…

Heather has plenty of wit and humor to go with her misadventures at the college and makes a great heroine as she investigates the murder. This seems like it could be the end of the series, which is sad to part ways with such a fun character.

“The Bride Wore Size 12” is published by William Morrow. It is $14.99 and 392 pages long.

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Ella Grace returns to her Wildefire series in “Midnight Lies.”

Years ago, the Wilde sisters’ family was torn apart by their mother’s murder, apparently at the hands of their father. Now, years later, all three women are returning home after their grandfather’s death and confronting past romances and frightening murderers!

Samantha went into law enforcement as a career and is a good detective. She is dating a divorced doctor, Quinn Braddock, and everything seems to be going well – until he is charged with the murder of his ex-wife. Already having trouble trusting people, Samantha begins to pull back, and his reaction further pushes her away. Leaving her job, she goes home to be with her sisters. When Quinn is exonerated, he is surprised to learn Samantha has skipped town and goes to find her. After everything they’ve been through, both are having problems trusting, but when another murder happens in town, and Quinn is eyed as a suspect, Samantha must decides if she can trust him or not.

Full of romantic suspense, Samantha and Quinn have great chemistry and the mystery will keep you guessing.

“Midnight Lies” is published by Ballentine. It is $7.99 and 405 pages long.

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