Area residents share thoughts on shutdown

PARKERSBURG – As the federal government shutdown heads toward its third week, an informal survey of a few Mid-Ohio Valley residents shows the blame has been laid at many different feet.

Belinda Sampe of Mineral Wells said Thursday she isn’t sure where the blame belongs.

“I don’t honestly know who is responsible in my opinion,” she said. “I think it’s everybody.”

For Chelsy Shell of Parkersburg the shutdown is placed on the Republican members of Congress.

“Honestly, it’s the Republicans,” she said. “They should have signed the bill. If they had this wouldn’t be happening.”

Shell said the Republicans in Congress did not sign the budget bill because of their dislike of President Barack Obama.

“They just don’t like our president, so that’s why,” she said. “And, because of that the government is shutdown.”

A woman in City Park who declined to give her name said the blame belongs to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

“It’s a lot of people’s fault, Democrats and Obama,” was her reply.

Chris Davis of Parkersburg said he thinks the shutdown is a sign of many problems.

“I just got out of the military and generally the government is going to (expletive deleted) anyway and that’s why I got out,” he said. “I knew this would happen and I would be over there in Afghanistan with no pay.”

Davis said he thinks the problem facing the government today goes back over several administrations and involvement in foreign conflicts.

Rhonda Neese of Williamstown said she believes the blame for the shutdown cannot be placed on one person.

“I think it’s both sides – Congress, both sides,” she said. “They are being very petty, I think. I feel a lot of people are taking the brunt of what they are doing.”

Susie Merriman of Parkersburg said she wasn’t sure of the blame but she had an opinion of who will be affected most.

“The average person is the one who is suffering,” she said.