Newspaper Week

Newspaper people don’t talk much about what we do, but as we enter the 73rd National Newspaper Week, it’s appropriate to remind you, our readers, about the daily contributions newspapers make in your lives.

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel is published seven days a week. When you walk by a newspaper box, the newspaper is there with that day’s headlines beckoning readers. The newspaper is as much a part of the morning routine as that first cup of coffee to start the day.

The newspaper offers a comprehensive look at important stories on issues impacting you in a way neither television nor radio can offer, despite the many fine journalists who work in those mediums.

We are your eyes and ears.

The newspaper covers meetings important in your lives, city councils, county commissions, school boards and others, where decisions are made affecting you. We report what is said and decided because we know it is important to readers who often cannot attend.

We are at local sporting events many of you attend, but still expect to read the story in the next day’s newspaper to get another perspective and statistics on those games.

Many have written about the impending death of the newspaper business. Their writings are tainted as they are Internet and social-media based, which are promoting their own interests.

It is true there are many places, especially the Internet, where you can turn to for information.

However, the social media is wracked with so-called journalists who spout inuendo, misinformation, exaggerations and downright lies. Newspapers strive for accuracy and truth and remain the best source for local, state, national or international news.

You may not agree with everything in the newspaper.

You may complain.

You may compliment.

You may become angered.

You may become elated.

But you don’t ignore it.

And you would miss it if it were gone.

But, don’t worry, we plan to be here for many years to come.