Dogs rescued after getting stuck in drain pipe

PARKERSBURG – Two small beagle pups were rescued from a drainage pipe near the southside Wal-Mart store Thursday afternoon.

A call went out for assistance after 2 p.m. when emergency personnel were informed that two dogs were trapped in the drainage pipe that runs along the side of the store.

The two dogs, Maggie and Happy, were out in an adjacent field with their owner, Jeff Barton of Parkersburg, being trained to rabbit hunt.

The two dogs found an entrance to a drainage pipe and crawled in, Barton said.

“They went in and then couldn’t get out,” he said.

Because of the angle of the pipe and wet conditions inside, the dogs became trapped, said Parkersburg fire officials at the scene.

In addition to the fire department, personnel from the Humane Society of Parkersburg and store officials from Wal-Mart aided in getting the dogs out.

Fire officials gained entry to the pipe through an access grate and climbed 15-20 feet down by ladder to get into the pipe with the dogs.

Officials were able to get Maggie out fairly quickly, but Happy kept running away. Store officials from Wal-Mart were afraid the dog would run through the length of the pipe down to W.Va. 14.

Barton eventually went down into the pipe and was able to coax Happy out.

Once reunited, the dogs seemed happy to see each other and were being playful while being put on a leash together.

The dogs were entrapped for about 45 minutes, Barton said.