Dems pick wrong candidate

Democrats in D.C., have been searching high and low for someone to put up against Shelley Moore Capito. Democrat State Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis said it herself on the radio with Hoppy Kercheval that she had received calls from past Democrat presidents encouraging her to run as recently as last July. Davis said she had no intentions of running, and she added, “You know what kind of campaigns I run. I would’ve been highly organized and assimilating a team much before July 17th of 2013.”

It seems the Washington Democrats have found someone in Natalie Tennant, but I am afraid she is the wrong choice. Experience matters, and Tennant has none of it.

She is unqualified to be a United States Senator. She has been forced into this race by default. The fact that Harry Reid and the gang took this long to find an opponent is a testament to the strength of Shelley Moore Capito in West Virginia.

It took the Democrats nine months to recruit someone brave enough to take on Shelley; this should be sufficient evidence that Congresswoman Capito is the right person for the job.

Greg Smith


EDITOR’S NOTE: Greg Smith is chairman of the Wood County Republican Executive Committee.