Verizon pays fair share of taxes

Jerry Payne’s claim that Verizon pays no federal taxes is wrong (“Taking food from the hungry,” Sept. 22). The fact is, Verizon is one of the largest taxpayers and investors in America. The company complies with all tax laws and pays its fair share of taxes.

According to Verizon’s latest 10K filing, the company has paid more than $11.1 billion in taxes over the past three years – including nearly $3.4 billion in 2012 alone. Verizon’s 2010-2012 payments include more than $1.5 billion in income taxes, $4.0 billion in employment taxes, and $5.6 billion in property and other taxes.

In addition, while Verizon made more than $11.1 billion in tax payments over the past three years, it also invested nearly $50 billion in technology infrastructure. This has created and sustained great U.S. jobs – both in and outside of Verizon – as the company has deployed innovative broadband technologies in West Virginia and nationwide.

Harry J. Mitchell


EDITOR’S NOTE: Harry Mitchell is the Verizon Communications Director-Public Relations.