MOVTA officials note increase in bus ridership

PARKERSBURG -Daily ridership with the Easy Rider buses continues to increase, officials said Tuesday.

The monthly report for August shows ridership for August of 2013 was up 10.9 percent compared to August 2012.

“It’s good to see the numbers keep going up,” said board member Glen Henson. “A good performance.”

Vice president Belinda Fetty with the MOVTA board was in agreement. She said it’s good to see the ridership up almost 11 percent from the same month last year.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority met Tuesday night to discuss officials business and pass monthly reports, including the financial, maintenance, safety coordinator and route supervisor reports.

Angela Gandee has taken over as a marketing and procurement officer. General manager Tim Thomas said the new marketing program is well under way.

“I do want to introduce one of our newest board members,” Thomas said. “Angela Gandee is our new marketing person.”

Thomas settled with the Amalgamated Transit Union for dues of $15,000 plus $1,488.95.

The Vienna routes continue to lead in ridership, recent reports showed. Both routes saw an average of 37 passengers per hour in August.