Judge sentences man to six years in prison

MARIETTA – A St. Marys man accused of shooting his love interest’s husband in the face in Newport in May was sentenced Monday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to six years in prison.

Michael A. Good, 36, of 4102 Cow Creek Road showed up armed with a .22 Magnum rifle at the Hi-Carpenter Bridge by Ohio 7 in Newport. He had learned from Facebook that his love interest Amanda Carter was fishing with her husband Richard Carter there on May 26, said Washington County Prosecutor Jim Schneider.

Good then shot Richard Carter, putting at least two bullets into his face and shoulder.

The gun was never found, said Schneider.

Richard was flown to the Charleston Area Medical Center and had a steel plate put into his jaw.

His as yet undetermined medical bills will be Good’s responsibility, said Washington County Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Burnworth.

“We can come to an agreed upon exchange or the matter can be set for a hearing at a later date,” he said.

Richard Carter, who came into the courtroom 10 minutes into the sentencing and sat with his wife, said he did not wish to make a statement.

Good, who was a client of Amanda Carter’s at the Parkersburg exotic dance club where she worked, had been spending thousands of dollars buying her gifts and spending time with her, the woman had testified previously.

Besides a laptop and ring, Good had purchased a pink and silver .22 pistol for Amanda Carter earlier the day of the shooting and had spent time shooting it and other guns with her.

At Good’s preliminary hearing on the case, Amanda admitted she had confided in Good that her husband had been violent toward her in the past. She said her husband and Good did not get along, but that her husband was not jealous of Good because he knew the relationship was strictly platonic.

Good had shown up at Amanda’s mother’s home hours before the shooting took place to lament that Amanda was not taking his phone calls after previously telling him she would meet him that evening.

Amanda’s mother, Robin Steele of St. Marys, testified during the preliminary hearing she told Good that night to stop pursuing her daughter and that she was worried by his demeanor when he left her home.

Good was indicted on first-degree felony charges of attempted murder and attempted aggravated murder. He pleaded guilty Sept. 16 to a second-degree felony charge of felonious assault with a gun specification.

The specification carries a definite sentence of three years and he could have been sentenced from two to eight years on the assault charge.

Good was sentenced on an agreed disposition, which stipulated he would get three years on the assault charge for a definite six-year prison sentence.

According to the agreed disposition, the state agreed to not oppose judicial release, said Schneider.

“That would be after he’s served the mandatory three years on the gun spec,” he said.

Good will receive credit for 121 days served since his arrest.