WVU fans are losing patience

If you’ve been to a sporting event, odds are that when it was over, the cheerleaders of the losing team attempted to get the members of their squad’s supporters to join them in that age old diatribe, “We’re proud of our team.”

Had West Virginia University’s football cheerleaders attempted that following Saturday’s 37-0 loss at Maryland, it’s unlikely they would have had any takers.

Not even the most die-hard, rose-colored glasses Mountaineer fan could have put a positive spin on this atrocious performance. There simply was nothing about which to brag, or get excited or optimistic.

It was a Mountaineer meltdown of epic proportions. It came against a long-time rival that is a next-door neighbor and a member of conference that shunned West Virginia. All reasons to play inspired football, but only one team was inspired on Saturday and it wasn’t the Mountaineers.

Any time the sports writers in the press box start researching the record books, either something very good or very bad has taken place. Usually, something very good has occurred for one team and something very bad for the other.

There simply is no way to sugarcoat what happened on Saturday. West Virginia got taken to the woodshed by what likely will be a middle of the pack Atlantic Coast Conference team.

It was an embarrassing performance, but more than that, it was an embarrassing effort, and that’s the really scary part.

While I’m not the type to write off any game or season, it’s starting to become pretty obvious WVU likely won’t achieve the five wins I predicted for the Mountaineers in my annual preseason prognostication column. As for those always-optimistic fans who were touting running the table, major bowl games, or even winning seasons, good luck justifying those calls.

The only saving grace on Saturday is that this loss took place away from the home crowd, at least part of it, for West Virginia fans were well represented in Baltimore. Lose a road game and you can slink out of town without incurring the wrath of your fervid supporters.

Lose at home -especially like the Mountaineers lost on Saturday -and it can get downright ugly.

That is a distinct possibility of what might well take this coming Saturday, when No. 11 Oklahoma State visits Morgantown for a noon contest.

West Virginia has so many things to fix and so many major personnel decisions to make, one must question if all those woes can be repaired in time to put on a competitive, inspired effort against one of the Big 12’s premier programs.

West Virginia fans, who have watched their beloved Mountaineers win three major bowl games in the past eight seasons, are hungry for more of the same. Their patience is wearing thin.

At least right now, they are not proud of their team.

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