Intersection needs a sign

Approximately six months ago the police department was contacted about a possibly dangerous intersection. The intersection of Broadway Avenue, Pike Street and Blizzard Drive is the one I am writing about.

I have seen many cars going up Broadway make a right turn onto Blizzard Drive, most of them out of state, which means that in order to make the right turn they have to cross both lanes of Pike Street. Pike Street is a two lane undivided highway at this point.

I asked if there could be a “no turn on red sign” posted and was asked it there had been any accidents or injuries caused by this turn, and I said none that I was aware of. I was told that it would be investigated and a sign would be posted if necessary.

Since that time I have seen many cars make this turn and luckily none of them was hit. I feel this is an illegal turn and something should be done before someone is killed.

Robert Husk