Money taken from vending machines

WILLIAMSTOWN – Seven vending machines were damaged and money stolen from them and the Williamstown Police Department is trying to determine when the crimes occurred.

Police Chief B.D. Adkins said Thursday four machines in Tomlinson Park and machines at Williamstown High School, the school track and the Williamstown Healthy Lifestyle Swimming Pool were pried open and money removed.

“They pried them open with a pry bar of some type and somehow they are getting the cash out of the small opening,” Adkins said. “They were all broken into the same way. They got every machine in town.”

Adkins said the machines are functional, but will require repairs. The cost of the repairs and the amount of money stolen were not known Thursday.

Also unknown is when the machines were opened, he said.

“We’re still investigating, trying to determine when these thefts occurred,” Adkins said. “We do have video of some of these machines and are reviewing those.”