PHS Stadium Committee will sell coins

PARKERSBURG – The Parkersburg High School Stadium Committee plans to sell $20 commemorative coins at Friday night’s football game.

The new bleachers will be used for the first time since renovations were made to Stadium Field.

“We wanted to do something commemorative that people could purchase to be a reminder of this event and what all went into it,” said committee member Rex Foster. “To show the effort and energy put into this by everybody in the community.”

Foster said the coins will hopefully arrive on Friday and be a way for community members to donate money for the rest of the stadium renovations. It will mark the first PHS football game played with the new bleachers.

The committee purchased 1,000 coins, which will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis near the tent where the football boosters sell T-shirts, hats and other PHS items.

Foster, who graduated from PHS in 1978 and his son, Kyle, is the punter on the football team, said he is invested in the school and community. He is president of the Big Red football boosters club.

“It was the stadium committee’s idea – trying to have some discussions of significant ways to recognize the first game played on the field since the (community) efforts,” Foster said.

The committee toyed with several ideas, including a commemorative ticket, before deciding to sell the coins, Foster said. He said 100 percent of the money raised Friday will go for renovations of Stadium Field.

If the coins do not arrive in time to sell Friday, they will be sold at the next home game or at other locations in the city, he said.

“People should be able to find them without any trouble,” Foster said.