Ford asks for changes to trick-or-treat

WILLIAMSTOWN – City council was asked Tuesday to think of and consider possible changes to the trick-or-treat event.

“Every year we have trick-or-treat at the same time as Marietta, which always has theirs the last Saturday of October,” said Mayor Jean Ford. “I think it is really early this year.”

Ford asked council members to think of changes they would like to see and consider for the city’s Halloween recognition.

Traditionally, Williamstown has gone with Marietta while the other cities in the area join forces on another night.

Marietta has an ordinance that states the city will hold trick-or-treat the last Saturday of October of each year. In order to keep children from traveling across the river to participate in the event in both cities, Williamstown follows the rule.

Also to keep the number of people traveling among municipalities, Parkersburg, North Hills, Vienna and Belpre hold their trick-or-treats together on a separate night from Williamstown and Marietta.

“Not only should we consider the night, but we usually have it for an hour-and-a-half and I think we can cut that,” Ford said. “An hour, I think, is plenty long.”

Ford said she plans to discuss area trick-or-treat plans today with area mayors during the Mid-Ohio Valley Mayors Association meeting.

“I will learn more about the other cities’ (plans),” she said. “Really, I think there are things we want to take time to think about and discuss for our next council meeting.”

In 2011, Ford voiced the need for a unified trick-or-treat for the entire area.

In other business:

* Ron Smith of W. Fourth Street told council a rental property next to his home was dirty.

“I’m not here complaining, but something needs to be done,” he said. “I have lived here five years and have never attended a council meeting before but if you want to see change, you need to do something to make it (happen).”

Smith told council the renter of the property at 602 W. Fourth St. is not using regular trash service and the property is in bad shape.

“The Williamstown Police officers have been great and are working with us in the neighborhood, but nothing seems to help,” he said.

Councilwoman Barbara Lewis told Smith the police department and city are aware of the issue.

“We are working on it, but have to go through due process,” Lewis said.