Mountwood board discusses projects

VOLCANO – The board at Mountwood Park met Monday in the Carson Station Shelter to discuss updates and projects it hopes to achieve this year.

The campground is looking to upgrade the electrical system. Park director Jeremy Cross said a grant will help pay for the expenses.

The park might be working with MonPower and Martin Marietta mining operations to combine finances for the project, officials said.

“Last year we had three blow-ups,” Cross said of the electricity. “I think it’s definitely worth pursuing.”

After talking with electricians and other officials, it was determined that doing a three-phase electrical power project would be the park’s best option, he said.

Cross said the Citizens Conservation Corps of West Virginia agreed to take on the project at Pressley Ridge where the deck needs updated and there is a fire escape issue.

Board treasurer Blair Couch said the CCC is allowed to receive no-bid contracts and he was in favor of using the group to pursue the project.

“Pressley’s concern is it has to be done and there is movement,” Couch said. “This is an opportunity to have it done in a timely manner and correctly.”

Cross said the 18-24-year-old workers get great experience and take part in projects, including carpentry.

“It’s excellent for a resume. I went through it myself,” Cross said.

The group is working at Fort Boreman Park, but Cross said workers would repair the deck in a timely manner because of safety concerns.

The park also discussed the campground road. Cross said the Department of Highways assured him it will be paved by the end of the year.

In other park business, officials will allow people to take wood off Games Hill without a charge. However, the wood will be offered to park groups first.

Couch said the wood would be offered to Pressley Ridge, the bicycle club and horse camp before being offered to the general public.

The park will host a final movie night of the year on Sept. 21. “Finding Nemo” will begin at 8 p.m.; for $5 patrons will receive a small popcorn and drink. Kids under 3 get in for free.

Allen Conrad, Mountwood concession operator, said he hopes to do the movie nights every month next year. He said he added more prizes for the fun-filled underwater movie.

“We hope to have better weather next year, too,” he said. “I have a lot of prizes to give away to the kids.”

In other news, the park’s new intern, Jeremy Harrison, was able to figure out the Mountwood Park Facebook page issues that have been plaguing park members for at least a year. Officials said Harrison was able to convert the previously “friends” page to a “like” page for anyone to view.