Two Wirt County schools seen as successes

ELIZABETH – Two Wirt County schools have been designated Success schools, under the new state accountability system.

County schools superintendent Mary Jane Pope Albin issued a release last week, touting the school system’s achievement.

“Our teachers and students should be applauded for their hard work and efforts even though the statewide assessment became more intense in 2010. The majority of our students continue to show growth, including growth on the 2013 assessment,” Pope Albin said.

The new accountability system is the result of a waiver request from the federal No Child Left Behind Act from the U.S. Department of Education.

Student growth and proficiency targets are set for Elementary, Middle and High School levels. Under the new accountability system schools and students receive a score for factors such as whether students are meeting grade level expectations, and how much students are improving academically regardless of their current level of performance.

Additionally, the new system designates every school as a Success, Transition, Focus, Support or Priority school based on these factors. Of Wirt County schools, two met both student performance and growth expectations and earned a Success designation.

Wirt County High School increased their graduation rate to 93 percent. The rate was 89.5 percent in 2012. All of Wirt County Schools met or exceeded the attendance rate at 97 percent or higher.

The high school exceeded its target score for proficiency and improvement by 8 percent.

The middle school exceeded its target score for proficiency and improvement by 9 percent.

Wirt County Primary Center has been designated a transition school. It’s score has not met the target, but they have met at least 50 percent of targets in math and reading and have in proficiency or growth.

Pope Albin said the release of this data is important for our students, teachers and schools.

“The designation of Success School means that the majority of student groups have met the annual academic goals in mathematics and English/language arts and, the school has reached its goals in attendance or graduation rates, student academic growth, student success on WESTEST2, and learning gaps between student groups are small.”