School officials inaccessible

Much has been written and spoken regarding the deplorable state of parental involvement in the education system at the county and state level. However, in the case of Wood County Schools, part of the blame must be laid at the feet of those responsible, ultimately the superintendent, for the deplorable lack of useful information available on the Wood County Schools website. While I am aware that there are other sites that provide parents with daily information from the specific school at which their children attend classes, there is an ongoing need on the part of citizens to know who is running things, what policies are being formulated, what a particular policy states and how they can reach policymakers directly if they wish to discuss an item of concern or express their views on the formulation of school policies

When I attempted to locate an email address and telephone extension through which to reach Dr. Law, our superintendent, his profile describes his education and experience, but his contact information is noticeably empty of information as are most of the other top executives within the district school administration. As it stands, there is one phone number in very small type at the bottom of the page along with the address. Perhaps things would operate more efficiently if every phone call did not have to go through one phone number and then be screened three times before you reach the party intended to receive that call.

I have heard the arguments from other agencies that suggest that officials would be inundated with emails and phone calls, but I for one, do not believe this a valid excuse when one considers that these people are working for us and (in the case of the board) put there by the citizens to work for them. They should make themselves available, even if through a secretary, for an appointment, if necessary, to allow the opportunity for citizens to question and express their concerns over how their schools are operated. As public servants they owe us that much. Someone needs to complete the very incomplete website that accurately reflects a total concern for quality, accessibility and transparency that we hear so much about from our school officials.

Tom Stark