Obstacles in the war on drugs

During the past week your newspaper reported the ambitions of two states’ attorneys general, Mike DeWine, Ohio, and Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia. I wish both good luck in their respective war on drugs.

But can the war be easily won when the powers that be are so dependent upon the continuance of the war for their livelihood? To name a few of those agencies would include the following: local, county, state, federal, Homeland Security, border patrol and military, prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, public defenders, drug labs, and courts, prisons, detention centers, jails, home confinement and day report centers, parole and probation, drug companies and doctors, and TV and movies.

Drug busts are interesting, sexy compared, for example, to white collar investigations. Just a couple of weeks ago our local drug task force came upon a cache of $750,000.

Any battle won in the war on crime is to be commended. I wish good luck to DeWine and Morrisey.

John Bryan