Parkersburg to auction vehicles Saturday

PARKERSBURG – The City of Parkersburg will auction used equipment and a few vehicles on Saturday.

City council this week approved the auction, which will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Service Center at 2507 Camden Ave. The auction is open to the public and cash, cashier’s checks and company checks will be accepted. A legal ad for the sale ran in Thursday’s News and Sentinel classifieds.

Mayor Bob Newell said two annual auctions in May and September are included in the city charter, but those only occur when the city has sufficient items to sell. Nearly all of the items up for auction this weekend are used and come from different departments within the city. The items include furniture, equipment and electronics.

Only two vehicles are included in this year’s auction: A 1992 Thomas Bus and a 1997 Chevrolet Lumina. Both items are being put up for sale by the fire department.

“The bus was used when we got it, and it was transformed into an educational tool for the fire department to take to schools,” Newell said. “The car also has been used by the fire department. They’re both used. I’m not saying they don’t have a little life left in them, it’s just not enough for public service.”

An amendment to the ordinance allowing the auction requires the city to ask for a minimum bid equal to the value of the vehicle if it would be disposed of through a crusher, Newell said. It is rare for the city to auction police vehicles because parts of disabled vehicles are used to repair and maintain the existing fleet.

“By the time we are done with those they are pretty picked over. There isn’t much left for the crusher,” he said.

The auction also includes items either seized by or forfeited to the Parkersburg Police Department, such as clothing, tools, DVDs and electronics.

“It could also be stolen property that the insurance company has already paid the victim to replace and the insurance company doesn’t want it,” Newell said. “There also are training materials we’ve purchased that may now be out of date and we’re looking to get rid of them.”

A complete list of items can be obtained through the city Finance Office.