Romances to warm hearts

Romances can be Regency or present-day settings with several new books!

Award-winning author Susan Fox continues her Caribou Crossing romance series with “Gentle on my Mind.”

Brooke Kincaid is trying to make amends with her son. She was married young and had him as a teenager, and became an alcoholic shortly thereafter, becoming more and more an absent mother. Now sober, she’s trying to reconnect with her grown son and his new wife and stepdaughter. Trouble comes to Brooke when a handsome man crashes his motorcycle into her fence.

Jake Brannon at first appears threatening and Brooke believes he is a criminal who is kidnapping her. She soon learns he is an undercover cop, trying to hide from dangerous criminals. Being thrust into danger isn’t good for her and not in her plans to show her son she is trustworthy once again. But the longer she is around Jake, the more she starts to get swept up by his world – and by him. Can Brooke trust herself with Jake? And is Jake trustworthy?

A small Western town is the setting for this warm romance that is the perfect way to spend a late summer evening.

“Gentle on my Mind” is published by Zebra. It is $6.99 and 355 pages long.

* * *

New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney weaves another story of the Lost Lords in “Sometimes a Rogue.”

Sarah Clarke-Townsend is traveling with her twin sister, the very pregnant Mariah, who is also Duchess of Ashton. When they are beset by men intent on kidnapping Mariah, who immediately goes into labor, Sarah has one course of action – to hide her sister and pretend to be the duchess. She is taken and Mariah is spared, and she is uncertain what her fate shall be.

Rob Carmichael comes upon Mariah, who is in labor.

A friend of her husband’s, she begs him to use his skills as the Bow Street Runner to save Sarah. Rob immediately takes off after the kidnappers in search of Sarah. He catches up with them in Ireland and manages to rescue her. But the pair’s adventures are just beginning, as circumstances around them are coming together to make a match of the two of them.

This Regency romance has action, adventure and more than enough chemistry between the two main characters! Rob and Sarah will win hearts and keep pages turning!

“Sometimes a Rogue” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and 415 pages long.

* * *

Another Regency romance heats up a marriage of convienence in “Lady Anne’s Lover” by Maggie Robinson.

Lady Imaculata Egremont has tried being a wild child among the ton to try to keep her father’s lecherous hands at bay. But when even running away with an older man just results on her being drug back to her father’s grasp, she tries a new approach – having her friend Evageline Ramsey set her up as a housekeeper by the name of Anne Mont for Major Ripton-Jones. Both women assume the former soldier is an older man – who turns out to be a young, handsome man whose loss of an arm and the loss of his love has turned him into a depressed drunkard. Anne is determined to take the job, though she isn’t much of a housekeeper, and Gareth is too drunk to notice her lack of skills – but not too drunk to notice the young, beautiful woman before him. Determined to clean up his act to be better company, Gareth starts to change back into his former self and Anne begins to see the appeal. But when she learns he is about to lose his lands due to debt that he cannot repay thanks to his former love, she comes up with the plan to marry him so she can get away from her father forever and to come into her inheritance. She will then take a sizable amount of her money and head to America for a new life.

But once Gareth agrees to the plan, he begins to not like the thought of Anne leaving. Can he convince her to stay?

I loved this story of two former “wild children” coming together to find each other, despite the obstacles that keep coming up in their path. There’s plenty of humor and steamy romance to heat up the summer night!

“Lady Anne’s Lover” is published by Kensington It is $9.95 and 352 pages long.