Bringing back memories

After reading about the ships that Perry was on and displaying them to the public, I remembered back when I was but a teen when the ships docked in Loraine, Ohio, or that area. There were many sailors aboard and they were telling stories to the people as they walked the decks. They spoke of going to Alaska and of the rough seas they encountered to and from the north where there their home base was. It seemed the admiral was Navy, but too many years have passed for me to be sure, although the uniform he wore looked very much like the old Navy uniforms. Another thing is that the person who greeted you on deck would only let a few at a time aboard. They seemed very touchy as to the crowd and where they went.

This had to have been about 75 years ago as I’m in my late ’80s. Thanks for the article and for the trip into the past.

Fred T. Smith